HIC Juice 3 Day Cleanse Review - Day 1

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Hello dear blog, I am extremely sorry for the hiatus for I..... just got lazy. Life suck huh.

Well, I am back with another experiment, and this time round a pricey one.

Many influencers have been raving about the HIC Juice cleanse, and I've been looking for a recently published review that is not sponsored (because they all look the same), but not much luck - they're either old or almost non-existent. So here I am, giving my most honest opinion about my 3 day torturous healthy journey.

I used to be really obsessed with healthy food, bringing homemade lunch to school, trying to go vegetarian, paleo, vegan, or exercising regularly.... but that was eons ago. I have since stopped being a try-hard health junkie, because it's just too tiring to be disciplined. I listened to my heart and ate whatever I want but in moderation, just that I need to work on exercising a little more. So nope, I did not balloon into a huge potato even though I think I did gain some happy weight.

Why try to be healthy again?

It's out of pure curiosity, as to how my body would react to the cleanse, and whether it really works. That's why I call it an experiment. So I am hyped to try the cleanse, and see how torturous it'd be for me. It's the same for the 30 days vegan experiment I did.

So, why 3 days? Okay, I've actually tried their 1 day cleanse about 3 years ago but I don't really have much impression of the cleanse, except my battle with one of their juices that contains celery. 5 days sounds a little too hardcore so three sounds like a good.

By the way, it costs $358 incl. gst. (guilty font size). Will probably talk about the pricing a little more in the last post, so stay tuned!

3 Rabbit Care Tips for Summer

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Most rabbit undergo a huge shedding season during summer time. So, are your fur kids ready for the hot summer?

Here are 3 TOP care tips for rabbits owners to care for your bunnies during this warm season!

3 Rabbit Care Tips For Summer